In addition to a Rapid Response plan, a well thought out registration process will be a confident welcome to attendees at your event. Re-building consumer confidence, that event professionals can safely coordinate large gatherings, is key to reopening our still-dark industry.

Registration kicks off an attendee’s experience and has always required operational planning. How have things changed?

Give Everyone Space.

While it has always been imperative to focus on the details and simplifying the steps to registering for an event. Have you thought about how COVID precautions will impact the on-site welcome for attendees?

Reassuring all guests there is physical distancing measures in place throughout the event, you want the ingress of your event to exemplify this.

Give everyone space as the queue up to enter the event.

Symptom Screening.

Have you posted signage at the entrance of your event that reminds all stakeholder that they should not be accessing the event site if showing symptoms of COVID?

What symptom screening have you put in place?

Are temperature checks happening?

Do you have a secondary screening procedure in place if someone is running warm upon entering the venue?

Personal Protective Equipment.

Are face coverings mandatory in your events jurisdiction?

If so, does that include face masks and face shields? How are you handling exceptions?

If not, have you evaluated as the Event Organizer whether you want this protocol in place for attendees?

Remember, as the Event Organizer you get to determine what additional industry standard practices you want to put in place to keep everyone safe.

Signing Waivers.

Are you able to go digital with your waiver & implement QR codes for signing?

If not, ensure you have wipeable surfaces & one-use pens available for guests.

Have you booked enough tables and space to avoid line delays?

Pre-Event Messaging.

Make sure you are preparing everyone ahead of time of protocols in place.

Share safety information on your website, social accounts, email campaigns and event registration pages and in team meetings.

Considerable operational planning is required when bringing together a large crowd and adhering to safety compliance.

Ensuring this is a well-planned process, can immediately build consumer confidence or put your event at risk.

Make a well-planned out strategy to keeping everyone safe.

Do you require safety planning and help with Staff & Volunteer Training, Event Registration, or Site Management?

We can help!

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