Event Operations

Event Operation expert for organizations and businesses throughout North America for projects including but not limited to major events, festivals, livestock, and venue shows.


Extensive experience in livestock shows, fair exhibitions, trade shows and traveling exhibit shows. We love all things Agriculture!


Looking to plan an event and want to ensure you do it safely, on budget and in time? We can help with the planning process, implementation and post-event wrap up.


Robust portfolio of large-scale city events such as festivals and fairs. We specialize in projects that require attention to detail, with many vendors, contractors, and even local authorities.

Event Safety & Safety Program Management

Services developed for organizations and businesses that do not have the in-house experience to manage the post-pandemic environment and overall safety program management.


With Safety Planning services we review existing policies and procedures with the goal of identifying any gaps and providing recommendations on how to mitigate risks. We also provide site planning, to ensure a strong operational plan is in place.


A Crowd Design Audit is a comprehensive review and analysis of policies, procedures, and practices. Assistance in developing or rewriting any policies and procedures based off of regulations and industry standardization. .  


A Crowd Design Inspection is a comprehensive review to ensure policies and procedures are being put into practice onsite. We provide a complete site risk assessment with a final report of recommended actions.

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